Whether you need a tomato plant, a 20' maple tree, a lilac shrub or sod for the lawn, we can help you. We carry the products you need to keep your property looking beautiful every season of the year.


Products We Offer

Please note this is a listing of some of our products, but not all. Please call or stop by and let us know what you are looking for. For a more detailed list visit products page.

Plant Materials

We specialize in a large selection of plants. Quantity discounts are offered on certain plants
Annuals Trees
Perennials Shrubs
Ornamental Grasses Vines
Roses Ground Cover
Fruit Trees Berries



Lawn Supplies

Sod-pick up or delivery
Grass Seed- all types of mixes for you specific site condition
Fertilizer Programs- full year 4 application programs
Fertilizers and Weed Controls designed to meet your lawns specific needs
Mulches for newly seeded areas



Landscape Supplies

Soils-Top soil by the bag or bulk
        -Potting soils by the bag and bales
Soil Conditioners- Peat Moss/Humus/Manure
Mulches- Bark and stone, bagged or bulk (many types)
Weed barriers
Landscape edging
Stone products- Boulders, wall, paving and edging types



Plant Care Products

Plant Stakes & Supports
Sprayers & Spreaders
Hand Tools & Gloves



Landscape Enrichment

Statues Gazing Globes
Benches Trellis
Bird Baths Planters



Services We Offer

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Delivery Service

Plant materials
Mulch by the cubic yard (see Landscape Supplies for calculation charts)
Top soil by the cubic yard
Sod direct ship from the sod farm to your site. A min. of 1200 sq. ft. is required. A smaller quantity can be delivered on our trucks


Installation Service

We will provide "in house" (site unseen) quotes for landscape installation by our own experienced crews.
Larger landscape projects are handled by our parent company or we will provide names of landscape businesses from our wholesale departments who you can contact.

Landscape Design Service

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"In house" help with plant design selections is free.

"In house" design sketches are free with 50% purchase of materials listed in design

Comprehensive landscape design is prepared by our staff that is formally educated in landscape architecture and design. We have over 35 years of experience in all phases of design and installation.

The design fee is based on the size and complexity of the project and the time required to complete the design. Site plans drawn to scale and provided by the owner will save time and money. We can provide an estimate of a design fee after a brief consultation. Budgets should be discussed during inital consultation. Our designs are created to be afforadable as many design options exist.

Landscape Damage Appraisals

Damage to your landscape may require a professional appraisal. There are two types of landscape appraisals:

1.) Appraisal for the purpose of replacement and or repair. The goal is to return the damaged landscape to its original condition or as close as possible to the satisfaction of the owner.

2.) Appraisal for the "value of worth" for damages of non replaceable items such as a 200 year old oak tree or a 50 ft. spruce tree. An extensive evaluation process is required to complete this type of appraisel.

Fee for landscape appraisals are based on the extent and contents of damage or loss. Please contact your insurance company for reimbursement of appraisal fees