Lawn Supplies

Sod- Turf types, Bluegrass Blends, Bluegrass/Fine Fescue Mixes

Sold in 10 sq. ft. rolls. Each roll is 2'x5' and weighs approx 35lbs..

Orders under 1200 sq. ft. can be picked up at the nursery or delivered. (Allow 2-3 days for orders).

Orders over 1200 sq. ft. will be a direct ship from the farm to your site.

Grass Seed

We offer different mixes of seed designed for your specific site conditions, traffic and maintenance

Lawn Care Annual Programs

A full year 4 step program is designed to make applications on a timely basis for best results. These popular programs are easy to follow and very affordable to help maintain your lawn all season long

Fertilizers and Weed Control

We offer products designed to meet your specific fertilizing needs. Weed controls are available in granular concentrate or ready to use products.

Mulches and Starter Fertilizer

After seeding your new lawn you will need to mulch and apply starter fertilizer to help ensure the best seed germination possible